This week I took some time to regain my focus on sustainability and rework my attempts at living a simple life. Because I ‘m learning about how human diets have changed so drastically in the 20th century and strongly questioning why humanity abandoned its symbiotic relationship with the Earth and its cycles.

I am passionate about cultivating a simple life inside my tiny apartment in the middle of Los Angeles by gardening, eating locally and using traditional methods of cooking and baking.

I crave simplicity.

When on the road of travel, I seek out a similar lifestyle from which I can learn, grow and adopt some of the practices into my own life. I strive to witness the simple life that other people from different cultures living in various countries around the world live out each and every day. Gardens flourishing in small yards, chickens freely roaming the land, freshly bottled milk lining the kitchen counter … homesteading completely fascinates me.

Country girl at heart, I carry on with my attempt to live a simpler more natural life in this city that I love. Because urban agriculture is next season’s motivation.

Simplicity from this week: nurturing homegrown succulents, home-made bread, a few freshly picked apples from a local orchard, produce growing on my patio, cooking in my kitchen and an epic sunset.




I find it hard to step right back into my routine after traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I love to come home to my own space and the people that love me and who I adore that much more—my friends and family I get excited to share my stories with. Because it is the people that I surround myself with that give me the support to live out my dreams and welcome me home even as time passes us by. But, where I seem to struggle are the days after I’ve been home. I push aside my daily routine and instead long for the road of travel, which stirs up the wanderlust inside me.

I wouldn’t change this lifestyle that I am happily leading and desperately seeking. I instead teach myself how to find a comfortable balance that works for everyone involved. Because I am extremely grateful for the places I’ve been, the friendships I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned while traveling, but then again, I am absolutely in love with my home base, the person I share it with and the memories we make.

So, I was patient with myself this week. And, I gave myself the time I needed to settle back in—slowly but surely. Because I must admit, even the traveler inside me has some homebody tendencies I would never want to change.


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My recent travels took me to the Dalmatia region of Croatia when I was given the opportunity, through Traveldudes, to sail the Adriatic Sea with MedSailors. So last week I spent seven days at sea, island hopping in Croatia.

Picturesque and unique, I fell in love with the country. A Mediterranean influence paired with a modern flair enhances the overall beauty of the Croatian Adriatic. The region’s holiday culture is preserved through ancient ports, privately owned accommodations and local food and wine. Mixed with a contemporary approach, the southern Dalmatian islands left me with a lasting impression.

Crossing the Adriatic Sea by day, the insular exploration of small bays, charming fishing harbors, unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches makes me long to go back someday.

These were a few of my adventures from my week in Croatia; visiting the islands of Korcula, Vis, Solta, Hvar, Brac and Sesula, sailing across the Adriatic Sea, exploring ancient stone villages, swimming in the sea and watching the sunset.


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I’ve been traveling a lot lately … and evolving and thinking … but the reality that  I come home to is always so gratifying. While I seem to settle back into life at home—grounded and happy—I forever long for the road of travel.

These are a few memories from this week at home: eating fresh vegetables from the local farmers market, drinking too many cups of honey-infused coffee, sitting on the beach at sunset and mapping out my next journey to Croatia.

A New

So here goes … I’m starting something new, or it might just be an extension of what I’ve been doing from a new perspective. I don’t know what to call it, but it’s my intention to use this blog to share some personal experiences and dedicate this space to chronicling the sustainable and simple life I strive to live out each day whether from my tiny apartment in California or while on the road of travel. Wife first, traveler second and wordsmith wannabe in the making, I hope that you will find something inspiring through my story, or, as you continue to read, it will make you laugh because after all “laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”