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Staying  just under a week in Sydney, I found myself roaming the city streets in search of something meaningful to take from my travels in New South Whales. Besides a glimpse at the iconic opera house, touring the renowned zoo, walking through a handful of museums and relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches, I traveled to the dynamic cultural hub to see more than just that.

And what I took from Sydney was a casual, friendly and multicultural city mixed with European traditions and lifestyles. It was like the new meets the old in some articulate kind of way. It was truly mesmerizing.

The laid back lifestyle at the beaches seemed worlds apart from the busy streets of the city. But the mixing of the different lifestyles and cultures is what made Sydney come alive. Its intensity is contagious and its liveliness is attractive.

Culturally, creatively and artistically, Sydney, and the energy it exudes, is thrilling to be a part of.


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