British Columbia

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Sometimes my trips come together at the last-minute, but workout to be amazing experiences, which is what happened on my recent travels to Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. I spent four days touring the region’s impressionable beauty with Travel Penticton and fell in love with The Okanagan’s organic makeup and the cultural and historic bond that tie the people to the land.

I met fifth generation farmers and first generation wine makers living in The Okanagan who have an unconditional love of nature and a burning passion to share their craft. They put their hearts and souls into their work and have developed a true relationship with Mother Nature, which in turn provides them with the fruits of their labor. They work in unison with their neighbor to protect The Okanagan’s natural bounty and help support each other through life. Many of their lives consist of working on the land, eating from the land and living off of the land, but each person has a true appreciation for and connection with the Earth and the life it provides them.

During my travels, I was fortunate to experience a true farm to table culinary experience—within minutes, after picking fresh food, I was eating it off my plate. I tasted some delicious wines from wine makers who are part of one of the region’s most vital industries. But overall, I learned the true meaning of sustainability at the hands of others and I left with a great insight into organic farming and even greater appreciation for The Okanagan’s culture and history.

These were just a few of my favorite experiences while in The Okanagan: touring Howling Bluff and La Frenz Winery in the Naramata Bench, walking through rows of growing grapes at Okanagan Crush Pad, picking Macintosh apples in Penticton, tasting fresh honey and eating ripe raspberries at Penticton Resort’s farm and dining in the backyard of Harker’s Organics family farm.


4 thoughts on “British Columbia

  1. Ashley! I love this post. I just discovered your blog because I was looking up Canada after my coworkers from travel world passport wrote a post about freelancers in Canada! I had no idea. Now I want to go. Pictures are beautiful. 🙂

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