This week I took some time to regain my focus on sustainability and rework my attempts at living a simple life. Because I ‘m learning about how human diets have changed so drastically in the 20th century and strongly questioning why humanity abandoned its symbiotic relationship with the Earth and its cycles.

I am passionate about cultivating a simple life inside my tiny apartment in the middle of Los Angeles by gardening, eating locally and using traditional methods of cooking and baking.

I crave simplicity.

When on the road of travel, I seek out a similar lifestyle from which I can learn, grow and adopt some of the practices into my own life. I strive to witness the simple life that other people from different cultures living in various countries around the world live out each and every day. Gardens flourishing in small yards, chickens freely roaming the land, freshly bottled milk lining the kitchen counter … homesteading completely fascinates me.

Country girl at heart, I carry on with my attempt to live a simpler more natural life in this city that I love. Because urban agriculture is next season’s motivation.

Simplicity from this week: nurturing homegrown succulents, home-made bread, a few freshly picked apples from a local orchard, produce growing on my patio, cooking in my kitchen and an epic sunset.


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